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There is something almost mystical about these great steam driven machines as they move along half hidden in their own hot breath. And need I mention the squeal of wheels on track or the moans of the whistles or the cacophony of massive engines? All of these factors make the steam train fascinating. Another thing we can say about steam locomotives is that these metal beauties appear to live and breathe as they billow, bellow, belch, hiss, snort, fart, whistle, clang, and chug their way along the rails. The so-called "golden age" of steam powered locomotives is long gone, although a few are still commercially here and there. But steam has been largely supplanted by electricity and fuel oil. In addition to the steam locomotives, I have made three posters of diesel locomotives and have included posters of freight cars and other technology. I'm not the first or only one to have artistic interest in trains. There are several major music compositions inspired by steam trains, including Pacific 231 by Arthur Honegger, and The Little Train of Caipira by Heitor Villa-Lobos. Numerous paintings have trains as their major subject, among which is my favorite, The Railway Bridge at Argenteuil by Claude Monet. I am happy to join this long line of creative effort.

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